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Yesterday in school a peruvian lady  went to my class (6a). She studied publicity, her name is Rocío,she told us how technology has affected the way of publiciting like (examples) ther are panels in the street and it tell´s you to send I text mesage and when you send it you turn on the panel, or there are some mirrors and when you are far away from the mirror you see the publicity but when you are close to the mirror the publicity dissapears, or the publimovil that is like I big i pad touch she told something very interesting that you need to go to publicity but with this technology of publimovil the publicity goes to you, or they use internet to put ther piblicity (ther are baners).
She also told us how each type of publicity depend to who are you going to present  it, so you need to think in were your audience is, like (example) your publicity is for children between 12 and 18 years old  so you need to think were are they I let you with that question, so when you know were your audience is you put your publicity there.

I think technology has change through time in all types of forms it could be in how we search or in how we communicate and i was super impressed on how in the past they needed to study, search and communicate, I did n´t  know people in the past waste so much time looking for books in the library or waiting for a card, and i think that if i lived in the past i would be super desperate wasting all this time.
I think prezi is a big change in technology when I saw one example I was impressed  I did n´t stop saying" this is super".

Do you think technology is going to advance more ?
have you try prezi? Try it!!!

 I’m super excited about blogging this is supper cool!!! and about technology too,you would ask why about technology, it 's because in school our unit is about technology that's why .I think  in 6th grade everyone love it.  I think this unit is going to be super fun.