These are 3 poems that I wrote the 1rst one uses rhyme and repetition the
                                         2nd one uses metaphors and the 3rd one alliteration.
Everyone wants peace

Everyone wants peace
peace, peace please.
Everyone wants peace
Some more than others.
Everyone wants peace
But not to kiss.

Everyone wants peace
Peace, peace please
Everyone wants peace
But it always depends in your beliefs
Everyone wants peace
But it seems it’s all a dream.

Everyone wants peace
Peace, peace please
Everyone wants peace
Not injustice or being kicked
Everyone wants peace
It’s for you and me.

Everyone wants peace
Peace peace please
Everyone wants peace
I know you want it so help
 the world to make it be …
Peace is the solution!

Peace is a drawing path to calmness
without that path, our lives are full
of hate, pain and injustice.

This path is the solution for many wars. Don’t
 leave it aside because even though many
 countries are not at war someday they might be.

This path is a gift of God if you want
calmness in your lives you need to Feel
 this path, believe in this path, see it.

Erase the bad moments in your path,
begin from zero, make a path of peace
If not you may crumble for any reason.

Follow this path and your life
may become a colorful rainbow
full of smiles, happiness and love.

If everyone in the world followed this path,
 the world would be a place where there was
 organization, agreement, treaties and alliances.

So follow it, believed in it, you already know all
the reasons of following a path of peace that
shall lead you to great calmness.
Peace is perfect!

Peace is like a perfect, peaceful dove
flying perfectly into a pacify paradise.

War is the warning of not having peace,
don’t wait until war is happening to make
peace, don’t  waste your time.

Love brings you peace, listen, you want
 light in your life yes like it want it.

Peace is a pearl full of people that in the
past they had problems, each piece of that
problem is a pile of heat, sadness and suffer.

War is like a warm wave that everyone is
watching, that everyone wants to stop.

Love is a lovely loud called to peace,
“it’s too late” everyone is saying but with a
Little help we can do I big and long thing.

Peace is a page painted with patience
 and parts of your precious path of your life. 


03/10/2011 19:46

I like your poems.Your blog is really cool.Check out mine
its really cool.

03/10/2011 19:48

Your poems are great . Your blog is really cool.Check out mine
its really cool.


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