I have  participated of two global activities, here they are:
World math day:
My experience with WORLD MATHS DAY has been very good until the competition of  this year 2011, because other years I have participated allot, it was fun and if we played allot the school would give us like a poster were it tells your name grade and how many points you gained  and how many  games you played. But this year i didn't have time to play so when it was time to tell the people that had posters they said that all points were going to be added to our houses, I think you are asking what is houses well in my school houses are like teams that compete there are four houses they are called, OLEARY, CANNING, FERGUSON and ROOK. Back to the topic if teachers had warned me that the points we gained in WORLD MATHS DAY were added to our houses i would play even thought I had to sleep very late at night.                                               


Earth hour:

I passed the EARTH HOUR in a friends house we passed the hour under a blanket laughing, telling jokes or  telling scary story's. the sad thing is that there were only four houses in my street were with all turned of my friends mine's and another two from some neighbors, but I passed a great time with my friend in the EARTH HOUR!!! 

This was challenge 3 for edublog march 2011 

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