Zoom out game! 04/15/2011
This game begins when someone pat's a photo of a thing like this one I have here and then  a person writes a comment telling where the object might be and the next person zoom it out more and again and again until someone say's like it is in the world and the world is in the milky way, but really this game could be infinite. 
So I'm going to begin "the bear is over a brown table", and you continue.
bear (06-28-08)photo © 2008 Katy Warner | more info (via: Wylio)
This was for challenge #  3 in edublog march 2011
 In edublog challenge #5 was to write a post about my favorite color and why did I choose this photos:
My favorite color is blue, I love blue, it's a beautiful color, I see blue all the days in the sky, in a friends bag and on more things.
Phto # 1:I choose that photo because first i thought that was like from the sea but they were like necklaces, and they looked interesting.
Photo# 2:I choose this photo because I like how the texture see.
Photo # 3: I choose this photo because i liked the form of the water.
Blue Bead Color Fieldphoto © 2007 cobalt | more info (via: Wylio)
Blue Water Droplets on a Windowphoto © 2007 Kevin Krejci | more info (via: Wylio)
Blue Water Dropletphoto © 2008 Jack Newton | more info (via: Wylio)
My Community! 04/09/2011
My community is called JAMUNDI it is located in Colombia, Valle Del Cauca.If you come to jamundi I reccomend you to go to "El Parque De Los Cholados" it is a place where people cell some kind of ice with colorant, fruits and condensed milk, it is delicious!!!.My community is unique because first it is sorraunded by mountains and because there are many places where you can have fun in the pool and then eat delicious food. You would need to know spanish to come to my community.One of the best things of my community is that you could come in any time of the year because there is not much difference of climate during the months.If you want to come to my community you would need to bring cloth for hot and cold climate.

This was for challenge 4 for edublogs march 2011
                                I have  participated of two global activities, here they are:
World math day:
My experience with WORLD MATHS DAY has been very good until the competition of  this year 2011, because other years I have participated allot, it was fun and if we played allot the school would give us like a poster were it tells your name grade and how many points you gained  and how many  games you played. But this year i didn't have time to play so when it was time to tell the people that had posters they said that all points were going to be added to our houses, I think you are asking what is houses well in my school houses are like teams that compete there are four houses they are called, OLEARY, CANNING, FERGUSON and ROOK. Back to the topic if teachers had warned me that the points we gained in WORLD MATHS DAY were added to our houses i would play even thought I had to sleep very late at night.                                               


Earth hour:

I passed the EARTH HOUR in a friends house we passed the hour under a blanket laughing, telling jokes or  telling scary story's. the sad thing is that there were only four houses in my street were with all turned of my friends mine's and another two from some neighbors, but I passed a great time with my friend in the EARTH HOUR!!! 

This was challenge 3 for edublog march 2011 

Savez-vous de déversement d'hydrocarbures est un grand problème maintenant des jours. Si vous ne saviez pas maintenant vous savez.
Déversement oill affecte les animaux comme tous les oiseaux de mer ou de certains poissons et les loutres de mer, à environ 706 gallons d'huile arrive à l'océan chaqueannée. Mais les déversements de pétrole que chose sont à l'origine ne sont passeulement des animaux mais aussi des humains, comme en Équateur, Chevron Texacoest une industrie pétrolières, à proximité facielities Chevron il ya une population de30.000 Equatoriens, beaucoup de ce peuple ont déjà été touchées par le cancer ouDÉFAUTS la naissance, les déversements d'hydrocarbures sont également à l'originedeforestaition, degradaition, DESTRUCTION et contominaition.

This was for challenge 3 for edublog march 2011

Avatar!!! :D 03/20/2011

In edublogs one challenge was to make a avatar but I made three:put now that i  think it  the one that looks more like me is the one of wii, the last one, so that is my avatar.



This AVATAR looks like me because it has brown hair,  always has an smile on here face, favorite color blue, is not too fat or too thin, brown eyes and brown eye brows

all these things identify me there is only one physical thing I couldn't put that were my dimples on my cheeks. 

This was for challenge 2 in edublog march 2011

EDUBLOGS!! 03/20/2011

edublogs is like a competition around the world of blogs,
each week a teacher called miss W PUT KIDS A CHALLENGE.

I think people that have the same interests as me will enjoy my blog. Probably people that care about animals and the environment, that like gymnastics, art and dancing.
They could learn new ways to serve and help their communities.

POEMS!!! 02/24/2011
                                These are 3 poems that I wrote the 1rst one uses rhyme and repetition the
                                         2nd one uses metaphors and the 3rd one alliteration.
Everyone wants peace

Everyone wants peace
peace, peace please.
Everyone wants peace
Some more than others.
Everyone wants peace
But not to kiss.

Everyone wants peace
Peace, peace please
Everyone wants peace
But it always depends in your beliefs
Everyone wants peace
But it seems it’s all a dream.

Everyone wants peace
Peace, peace please
Everyone wants peace
Not injustice or being kicked
Everyone wants peace
It’s for you and me.

Everyone wants peace
Peace peace please
Everyone wants peace
I know you want it so help
 the world to make it be …
Peace is the solution!

Peace is a drawing path to calmness
without that path, our lives are full
of hate, pain and injustice.

This path is the solution for many wars. Don’t
 leave it aside because even though many
 countries are not at war someday they might be.

This path is a gift of God if you want
calmness in your lives you need to Feel
 this path, believe in this path, see it.

Erase the bad moments in your path,
begin from zero, make a path of peace
If not you may crumble for any reason.

Follow this path and your life
may become a colorful rainbow
full of smiles, happiness and love.

If everyone in the world followed this path,
 the world would be a place where there was
 organization, agreement, treaties and alliances.

So follow it, believed in it, you already know all
the reasons of following a path of peace that
shall lead you to great calmness.
Peace is perfect!

Peace is like a perfect, peaceful dove
flying perfectly into a pacify paradise.

War is the warning of not having peace,
don’t wait until war is happening to make
peace, don’t  waste your time.

Love brings you peace, listen, you want
 light in your life yes like it want it.

Peace is a pearl full of people that in the
past they had problems, each piece of that
problem is a pile of heat, sadness and suffer.

War is like a warm wave that everyone is
watching, that everyone wants to stop.

Love is a lovely loud called to peace,
“it’s too late” everyone is saying but with a
Little help we can do I big and long thing.

Peace is a page painted with patience
 and parts of your precious path of your life. 


I drink tea almost every day, but today I drank 5 cup's of tea, my sisters, mine and more that we had in the refrigerator in a jar.  I love it! :) .

Can you calculate how many cup´s of tea I drank  this month?
If yes let me i comment telling me the answer.